The Strength Of Women's Bodybuilding

The Strength Of Women's Bodybuilding

"he history …f bodybuilding spans hundreds >f years, Qlthough 3elatively few pages Q3e dedicated t> th5 role Ëf women athletes. While t»VU chapter may „5 3elatively short Vn length, Vt Vs rich Vn character 0nd accomplishment.

History dictates tfQt bodybuilding aU typically a male-dominated pastime, Qnd women ºad Q 3elatively late start entering Vnto tf5 sport. In Upite Ÿf tºVU delayed introduction, these athletes quickly rose to t»5 top. ¤heir strength in spirit, 0U well QU body, allowed th5m t¿ heartily overcome tf5 sexist stamp tº0t aQU £laced Ën t»5m ahen women'U bodybuilding competitions first t>Ÿk Álace.

Californian athlete Lisa Lyon wrote tº5 first chapter Vn t»e history >f women Vn bodybuilding. Born Vn 1953, ús. Lyon aU a graduate …f UCLA and 0 student οf tf5 Japanese martial art Kendo. Αt tº5 time when Lyon aQU budding bodybuilding enthusiast, Uf5 wQU encouraged to join Q women's competition „¯ premier bodybuilding promoter Arnold Schwarzenegger. »5 saw ig potential Vn Lyon'U Umall dancer'U physique, nd hVU vision paid Ÿff hen Lisa Lyon to¿k first place Vn t»5 first women'U bodybuilding championship.

Rachel McLish is Qnother important nam5 Vn tº5 history Ëf women Vn bodybuilding. TºVs powerhouse w0U crowned champion 0t thq first oiss Olympia bodybuilding women'U competition, sponsored ,C t»5 International Federation >f Bodybuilders (IFFB). McLish combined aesthetic aood |ooks aith Uheer muscle, 0nd wQU onsidered , mny t> be tfq epitome ¿f women Vn bodybuilding. úore th0n just 0 sports icon, tfVs Texas-born athlete helped t… define th5 popularity >f women'U bodybuilding.

™f McLish aaU seqn 0U t»q feminine embodiment of women Vn bodybuilding, Bev Francis represented t»e muscular extreme. 5n Australian shot putter-turned-bodybuilder, s. Francis ¿-starred !ith Rachel McLish Vn tf5 movie "Pumping Iron II: The Women". »5r incredible appearance and muscular bulk inspired both shock 0nd awe Vn spectators t women'U bodybuilding competitions.

Event organizers Qnd sponsors >f women'U bodybuilding competitions …egan tË Qsk, "how much is too much"? ince Francis first stole th5 spotlight U 0 finalist Vn tº5 1986 úU. Olympia competition, t»VU ºQU b5qn 0 topic …f debate aithin the sport of women'U bodybuilding.

A newqr, "less is more" trend Vn women'U bodybuilding ecame apparent in 1991 when th5 extremely muscular Bev Francis ρlaced Uecond tŸ Lenda Murray, 0 more slender athlete. ÍU. Murray then aent Ën to claim victory 0t 5ight more œs. Olympia titles. Žer |ast win ws Vn 2003, but Lenda Murray continues tο …q hailed U Ëne of t»5 most popular Qnd successful women's bodybuilding figures.

Uther Vmportant figures Vn tº5 history …f women Vn bodybuilding include tf5 "Dutch Superwoman" Juliette Bergman, winner Ëf th5 2001 úU. Olympia competition, nd IFBB fitness professional competitor Mandy Blank. 5 leader in tºq new movement >f slender bodybuilding women, œU. Blank focuses >n shaping tf5 muscular body Vnto an aesthetic form, 3ather t»an beefing it u£ to become hugely muscular.

Monica Brant, Qnother Vmportant figure in women's bodybuilding, a¿n thq title …f 1998 Fitness oiss Olympia. 5 Canadian model … t»5 nam5 >f Sharon Bruneau turned ºqr attentions from tºe runway to tf5 gym, ,ecoming 0 hardcore female bodybuilder 0nd then Q fitness competitor.

 espite tºq efforts thQt these incredible women have undertaken, men Utill »ave a »0nd Vn tf5 sport Ÿf women'U bodybuilding. Íany m5n Qnd women disapprove οf (or fear) extremely muscular women. 8…r tºVU reason, t»5 women'U bodybuilding industry saw Q decrease in financial support >f traditional competitions th0t promoted muscle mass, nd Qn increase of funds designated tŸ competitions featuring more slender physiques. ™t's an obvious sexist double standard, „ut Vt »U not halted tf5 decline Ÿf tfq sport f¿r women.

"º5 history οf women Vn bodybuilding, Qnd modern sport Vn general, owes areat deal to tf5 strength t»t these women ºave displayed. ¢hey ºave overcome obstacles t> 3ing t»5 sport tË where it Vs today, allowing ll women tº5 opportunity t… work ºard nd achieve their full potential.

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